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As a former D1 athlete and someone who has been playing football and working out since 8 years old being active is second nature for me. Although being active my diet was very horrible which is something i stress throughout all my plans you cannot out train a bad diet.

Whenever the season ended that’s when i gained the most weight because of all the bad food and sugary drinks i was consuming. It’s only so long you can have a bad diet before you pay for the consequences i got up to 330 pounds a very uncomfortable weight which affected me on and off the field. 8th grade year i was diagnosed with diabetes and was one night away from going into a sugar coma had i not gone to the hospital. this is when i took my diet seriously and soon after went even harder with exercising beyond just working out with my team i learned how to properly attack the problems i saw on my body really learning it inside and out. From 8th grade year to junior year of high school i went from taking insulin shots and pills to not having diabetes at all as of today i am 235 pounds.

let me help you change your life while looking fly. These workouts will not be easy and it will take discipline to follow the nutrition plan but nothing in life that is great comes easy control what you can control. The same commitment that i am giving all you guys i ask that in return and you will see results in no time. I will be providing instruction and guidance for your comfortability and for you to reach a level you have never been in your life physically and mentally.

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